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Eichholtz is committed to only working with Partners who comply with all relevant laws and regulations as well as with our Digital Brand Policy, which contains guidelines regarding our brand policy to protect the Eichholtz brand identity online.


The guidelines provided in this document apply to all Partners of Eichholtz and their employees. They include all online expressions - whether on social media or in email campaigns - related to the business of Eichholtz.

The willingness to comply with our Digital Brand Policy is important as this helps us maintain our reputation. Treating our brand identity with care and consistency adds to the success and longevity of our business relationships.


When necessary, each Partner shall have an authorized representative certify that he has read and understood this document and complies with all regulations herein. 

Eichholtz expects immediate notification from existing Partners of any suspicion or concern of breaches, or of any other non-compliance with the standards set out in this document, consequently allowing for joint verification of facts and remediation. This applies to both our Partners and their subcontractors.

Failure to comply with our Digital Brand Policy may result in discontinuance of business relationships with immediate termination rights.

Any breach or concern related to the use of the Eichholtz brand or its products, designs, images, or visuals should be reported immediately to our Brand Policy Department at brandpolicy@eichholtz.com.


Online policy and brand identity 
Eichholtz and its Partners are related yet independent. To avoid confusion regarding the identity of Eichholtz and its Partners, the identity of our business partners must always be clearly visible on their websites.

Site landing 
When Eichholtz provides a business partner with a destination link from an Eichholtz web page, or when the traffic comes from Eichholtz sources, the Partner is obligated to show its visitors a page with Eichholtz furniture. Landing pages of business partners must be designed in their own specific style and preapproved by Eichholtz via brandpolicy@eichholtz.com.

Advertising & campaigns
Approved advertisements with Eichholtz furniture may never lead to the display of other products or content. All images of Eichholtz Products are protected by copyright and may not be used for personal or company purposes when the copyright belongs to someone else. All campaigns containing Eichholtz images must refer to relevant Eichholtz pages and may not be used as "clickbait" for other/competing brands.

The use of the Eichholtz name as a keyword in advertisements and on websites must follow all applicable guidelines. Current Google guidelines do not however allow a brand name to be used in the title of an advertisement. Please see Google Ads Trademark Rules 101.

Logos, images, and designs
Partners may not use any Eichholtz logo, image, visual, or design on their websites without prior written consent from Eichholtz: approval is required before placement.


The extent to which Eichholtz Trademarks and Products are present on the websites of partners must be proportionate to the current business volume of Eichholtz Products. This includes a monthly report of the sales of Eichholtz Products and the visibility of products on the website.

Eichholtz Trademarks
Under no circumstances may the use of EICHHOLTZ Trademarks, Product Photos, Style Impressions, and other expressions referring to Eichholtz create confusion on the part of visitors to the Website regarding the identity of the Website, with said confusion being the sole discretion of Eichholtz. The Eichholtz name may not be used in a domain name without prior written consent. The use of a subpage named "Eichholtz" is only permitted upon written consent from Eichholtz. 

Fair competition
Eichholtz strictly prohibits anti-competitive agreements or conduct, including price fixing, restricting the supply of goods or services, bid rigging, and market sharing. We require all our Business Partners to commit to free and fair competition and to comply with all relevant competition laws and regulations.


Once a Partner has agreed to this Digital Brand Policy, Eichholtz shall supply them with Eichholtz products. The number of products depends on the sales from the previous month and can be increased or decreased monthly.

Images & content
Eichholtz provides the images and content that describe Eichholtz Products.


Breaking the rules as a partner
If a Partner breaks the rules, Eichholtz shall take immediate action. The Partner shall receive a notification with an official warning granting no more than 24 hours to correct the violations. If the warning is not heeded, the Partner shall receive a final warning with a 12-hour deadline. At this stage, Eichholtz will consider terminating the partnership.

If the Partner is still using Eichholtz products, images, and logos or the Eichholtz brand name, Eichholtz shall take the following measures:
• The business relationship will be terminated immediately
• The Partner may no longer sell Eichholtz products
• The Partner is no longer allowed to advertise with the Eichholtz logo and brand name
• The Partner foregoes the right to use Eichholtz product images and other Eichholtz designs
• Any consequential damage will be recovered from the Partner

If a business competitor uses Eichholtz products, images, and logos or the Eichholtz brand name for advertising, Eichholtz shall inform Google of the illegal use of the Eichholtz brand name and begin to take away traffic by overbidding on keywords.


This document does not replace but complements all other Eichholtz terms including but not limited to the General Conditions and reseller terms, which remain fully applicable.

Download our digital brand policy PDF.