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Carpet Peretti 300 x 400 cm

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Hand braided | 58% jute | 42% cotton

Dimensions cm inch
L. 400 | W. 300 cm | dimensions may vary by up to 3%
L. 157.48″ | W. 118.11″ | dimensions may vary by up to 3%
With its gorgeous stockinette stitch pattern, the jute Peretti Carpet will anchor your décor in a natural style.Read more
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Indoor/outdoorIndoor use/dry locations only
With its gorgeous stockinette stitch pattern, the jute Peretti Carpet will anchor your décor in a natural style. Natural shades and soft texture make jute an ideal natural flooring for spaces where a luxurious look is the aim.

Care instructions


When removed from its polybag, your jute carpet may not lie flat immediately. In time, it will flatten out naturally. With jute carpets, variations in color and texture are normal. These variations add to the beauty and authenticity of the carpet. You may notice an odor when laying your jute carpet for the first time, but this smell is natural and not at all hazardous.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Please do not pull the jute strips. Do not pull loose ends; instead, trim them with scissors. Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture. Avoid exposure to sharp objects, hot surfaces, and open fireplaces. Do your best to avert pet stains as these are difficult to remove from carpets.

Vacuum your jute carpet twice per week to prevent dirt from accumulating in the fibers. Vacuum both sides of the carpet as well as the floor underneath. Rotate or reposition your carpet every two months to keep its surface even and increase its longevity.

To remove a spot created by spilled food or drinks, start by scraping up as much of the substance as you can with a plastic spoon: scrape towards the middle of the spill to keep the spot as small as possible. Dab the area with a dye-free cloth dipped in some water with a mild dishwashing liquid. Continue dabbing until the stain is gone, then wipe again with a damp cloth. Blot dry with paper towels or a dry cloth.

Use a dry cleaning powder to clean your carpet. Sprinkle the powder onto the carpet and brush gently. Shake out or vacuum the carpet. If the carpet is extremely soiled and you must wet clean, try using a natural fiber cleaner.

Treat your carpet with a jute sealer. This reduces the absorbency of the jute fibers and protects the carpet from stains. It will also give you more time to clean spills before they set into the carpet.

Clean liquid spills immediately by dabbing with a dry cloth or paper towel. Avoid rubbing the spill. Use a soft bristle brush and a dab of water for further cleaning. As soon as the spot is clean, dry with a hair dryer.

Jute carpets detailJute carpets detailJute carpets detail
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